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Kindergarten Reception Program

We are excited about the KINDERGARTEN RECEPTION PROGRAM. This is a new program for Year 1 and 2 Kindergarten students. The KRP builds on the assets, competencies, and God-given gifts of each student through an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach to learning. The purpose is to :
1. provide intensive support to students with complex needs to further develop self -regulation and social emotional skills
2. reduce challenging behaviour
3. intensively build skills needed for overcoming barriers to learning, and increase independence
4. support successful transition to the home school

The KRP will provide students with intensive, individual , and small group intervention using evidence based Applied Behaviour Analysis approach.
For morr information, please contact Mr Goffredo


Junior Academic Success Program (J.A.S.P)

Information Brochure for parents about our JASP Program.

JASP brochure.pdf


About Our School

St. Anthony Daniel Catholic Elementary School, in collaboration with home, parish and community is dedicated to providing a vibrant, Christ-centred learning environment, fostering our faith and the pursuit of academic excellence.
We strive to empower our children to become positive, peaceful, respectful and responsible contributors in our world.
Through teaching and modelling, we encourage our students to grow in hope, faith, love, compassion and integrity.

St. Anthony Daniel we celebrate the fact that we educate the whole child spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

Spritually, we ...
live out gospel values (i.e. compassion, peace, hope, etc.) through acts of service and charity
strive to enhance knowledge and practice of our Catholic faith model
have a family-like culture permeates throughout the school
have a learning environment that is dedicated to student success and doing whatever it takes to achieve this

Academically, we...
use early intervention strategies (Guided and differentiated instruction with the teacher to support from the Special Education Resource and Language Resource teachers)
use data based decision- making on the level of the student, the class, the division and the whole school
have effective school improvement planning and review
have monthly meetings of divisional teams as professional learning communities that focus on specific pedagogy-related discussions and team goal-setting related directly to classroom practice
have extensive and frequent school, as well as board based, professional in-servicing

Emotionally and Physically, we...
have numerous CYO teams and intramural teams that provide many diverse opportunities for daily physical activity and exercise

Socially, we ...
have established ways to resolve conflict constructively and peacefully
implement a character building initiative school wide each year- respect, self regulation, peacemakers
have introduced a peaceful conflict resolution policy (SWAP) for children based on forgiveness using Jesus as a role model

S- Stop- tell the person to stop
W-walk away
AP- ask a person who you trust to help/assist you

Bullying Awareness and Prevention.
St Anthony Daniel Catholic school is committed to keeping all students safe. As such we hold sacred that each student is created in the image of God . Each child must be treated with respect. More importantly, every student has the right to feel safe and be safe at school.
-Our staff is committed to foster a positive and wholesome learning environment.
-Our staff recognizes that bullying adversely affects a student's ability to learn and participate
-Our staff also understands that bullying affects the school climate , including healthy relationships
-Bullying behaviors will not be accepted on school property, at school related activities, on school buses, on line, or in ay other circumstances

Bullying means aggressive and typically repeated behavior:
-the behavior is intentional
-the behavior is intended to cause harm, fear, distress to another individual- can include physical, psychological, social or academic harm, harm to reputation or harm to the individual's property...
-the behavior creates a negative environment at school
-the behavior occurs where there is a real or perceived power imbalance between the student and the individual based on: size, strength, age, intelligence, peer group, economic status, social status, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family circumstances, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, disability

Bulling behavior can be:
-PHYSICAL: may include hitting, pushing, slapping, tripping...
-VERBAL: may include name calling, mocking, insults, threats, ands sexist, racist, homophobic, or trans -phobic comments...
-SOCIAL OR RELATIONAL: may include gossiping, spreading rumors, excluding others, humiliating others, graffiti about others ...
-CYBER : may include spreading rumors , images, or hurtful comments through the use of email, cell phones, text messaging, Internet websites, social networking...

At St Anthony Daniel, we have established an anti -bullying program based on education and positive conflict resolution strategies:

-classroom based learning activities that promote understanding of differences, inclusion, and positive leadership
-Students Council representation as Bullying Champion Teams
-Announcements with a positive message of the day
-art related activities on bullying and inclusion
-recognition of students with positive behaviors

-weekly Monday assemblies- focus is the 4 R's- respect and reverence for God, respect for self, respect for others, respect for school
-student led assembles on respect, friendship, fair play, conflict resolution, bullying awareness, kindness,
forgiveness, diversity
-creation of Student/staff/Public health Nurse team- HAT -Health Action Team - to promote school wellness, coping awareness for anxiety, alleviating stress, eating well
-mentoring of younger students by Intermediate students
-reinforcing and utilizing SWAP conflict resolution strategies with students
-inviting HW Police Officer J. Dinning to visit and promote positive behaviors
-school wide bullying awareness days- wear PINK day in November
-we are "peacemakers and forgivers" days
-we are "friends" days
-promoting Restorative Justice practices
-invitation of guest speakers on positive relationships/bullying


Saint Anthony Daniel
saint anthony daniel

Martyred Jesuit missionary slain by the Iroquois. Anthony was born in Dieppe, France, in 1601, and became a Jesuit in 1621. After teaching in European classrooms, he arrived in Arcadia, Canada in 1632, and was sent to Quebec a year later. There he founded a school for the young men of Huron, being successful in this mission. Captured by the Iroquois, the enemy of the Hurons, Anthony was slain near Hillsdale, Ontario, at Teanaustaye on July 4. He was canonized in 1930 and is venerated as a Martyr of North America.


St. Anthony Daniel School Prayer

Jesus, our risen Lord, You are with us forever
in all Your glory.
let us be messengers of Your joy, living as
people alive in Your love.
because You have overcome death,
we too shall live again!
help us to renew our faith, to draw from
Jesus Christ our values, our inspiration, our model for life.
let us grow in hope, faith, love,
compassion and integrity.